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Segundo specializes in providing your organization complete businesses and technical solutions based on Oracle and Oracle related toolsets.

Our services include:
Oracle Federal Financials Applications Implementation, System Upgrade, Support and Maintenance
Help Desk Support
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Database Management
Custom Development
Training and Education/ E-Learning
Business Process Reengineering
Project Management
Vendor Oversight Management
Project Assessment
Back office integration
Web Design and Development
System Security
Global Application Integration (GAI)
Data Warehouse/ Data Mining
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Debt Collection Solutions
Performance Measurement
Balance Scorecard
Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)
Technical Staff Augmentation
Financial Staff Augmentation





dot Oracle Federal Financials Applications Implementation, System Upgrade, Support and Maintenance

Segundo has been a key resource implementation specialist in the federal market since 1998. We have been instrumental in supporting the implementation of the first version of Oracle Federal Financials and have played a key development role in later releases.

Because we are focused on the Federal sector, we understand your agency's needs and can relate this to an Oracle implementation, upgrade, or support task. Segundo's team of professionals has knowledge across multiple Federal agencies and can use that knowledge along with 'best business practices' and extensive experience to provide the most appropriate and effective solutions to your agency.

pdf document Federal Focus e-brochure

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dot Help Desk

Segundo can support your helpdesk needs. Either onsite or in our own help center, Segundo can provide a variety of services related to resolving your help desk support and call center issues. Using web technology, Segundo can view a users' system remotely and offer the quickest most effective solution to the problem at hand.

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dot Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

If your organization is ready for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), planning is the keyword. The decision that it is time for an ERP solution implies that you have already examined your business processes and found room for improvement. This stage of preparation must include a thorough analysis of your business processes, relationships between functional areas, and relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers. This can mean uncovering both strengths and weaknesses in the way your organization works, as well as an evaluation of the technology investments you have already made.

Envisioning the ideal in Enterprise Resource Planning

Once you understand your starting ground, you can begin to plan for the most effective and scalable Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

Segundo offers a comprehensive front to back end business model integration solution with a component based software architecture. For Financials, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource (HR), System Change Management (SCM), and Warehouse Management, Segundo has the expertise to get your Oracle ERP solution up and running. And with five or more years of Oracle technical expertise, Segundo can help you turn your Oracle investment into a streamlined, comprehensive ERP solution.

Making Enterprise Resource Planning a reality in your business

The last stage of the process is getting your organization from where you are now to where you want to be. The Enterprise Resource Planning experts at Segundo can help you make it happen through every stage of the implementation.

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dot Database Management

Performance Tuning is provided by our certified Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) who analyze and optimize performance of your databases to meet your specific needs. Our senior-level DBAs have years of experience increasing performance and instance efficiency to help our clients achieve their performance goals.

High Availability is implemented by our certified Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) who plan, install and configure a high availability solution to fit your needs. Our senior-level DBAs have implemented the whole range of high availability solutions available, including Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Fail Safe, Oracle Standby Database (Data Guard), and more.

Installation/Upgrade is implemented/upgraded by our certified Oracle Database Administrators DBAs who plan, install/upgrade and configure a database to fit your needs. Our senior-level DBAs have implemented and upgraded the whole range of Oracle products, including Oracle9i, Oracle8i and Oracle8 Server, Oracle9iAS, Oracle interMedia.

Migration is provided by our certified Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) who plan, configure and migrate data from one database platform to Oracle® or migrate a database from one server to another. Our senior-level DBAs have performed a wide-range of migrations for our clients, including migrating from SQL Server to Oracle and converting data from a non-Oracle database.

Backup and Recovery is implemented by our certified Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) who plan, install, configure and document a backup and recovery solution to fit your needs. Our senior-level DBAs have implemented the whole range of backup and recovery solutions available for Oracle including online, incremental and block-level backups.

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dot Custom Development

Segundo has developers that are accredited as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Internet Application Developers using the Oracle Forms, Reports and Designer product set to develop custom applications for deployment on either Intranet or Internet. Application development experience using these tools includes custom interfaces to existing database, very large data processing applications and web deployed data entry systems.


Segundo has skills in Java and J2EE technology, offering customized solutions that take advantage of the "Write Once, Run Anywhere" portability and database access that J2EE offers. J2EE adds full support for Enterprise JavaBeans components, Java Servlets API, JavaServer Pages and XML technology.

Java technology offers the flexibility to easily deliver over the Internet, or any network any Java application, including distributed applications, without operating system or hardware platform compatibility issues. The Java platform was designed to run programs securely on networks, which means that it integrates safely with the existing systems on your network.

Segundo has developers that are accredited as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Internet Application Developers using the Oracle Forms, Reports and Designer product set to develop custom applications for deployment on either Intranet or Internet. Application development experience using these tools includes custom interfaces to existing database, very large data processing applications and web deployed data entry systems.

IAS and Portal

Segundo leverages the Oracle Database through the Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS) J2EE-certified application server. Oracle9iAS integrates all the technology required to build and deploy e-business portals, transactional applications, and web services. Oracle9iAS supports all key Java, XML and emerging web services industry standards. Oracle9iAS offers unmatched scalability, reliability, and security to keep your critical business applications up and running.

Oracle9iAS Portal combines a rich environment for creating a portal web interface, publishing and managing information, accessing dynamic data, and customizing the portal experience, with an extensible framework for J2EE-based application access.

  • Oracle Development
  • Custom Application Development
  • Leverage Your Legacy Applications
  • Application Support
  • Information Management

Qualified Staff

Segundo development services employ highly skilled developers with a broad range of experience and qualifications, including Oracle DBA and developer certifications, Microsoft MCSD and MCSDBA, Hummingbird and Folio Views.

Industry Standard Solutions

Segundo supports industry standards as common methods to enable easy access to information from today's desktop environments. We have experience working with well established standards such as XML and ODMA. We are committed to maintaining currency with new standards in order to meet customer requirements and to assist with developing the best solution for every job.

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dot E-Business/ C-Commerce

A successful portal is one that has the capacity to leverage information, no matter where it lives, and put it to work for virtually any purpose. Content management makes that possible, providing the core for a single portal framework that serves your entire organization.

C-commerce is a philosophy that hits every internal and external touch point. It stretches from front-end CRM to back-end ERP (internal product movement and accountability) to supplier relationships via e-procurement and SCM. It includes not just the flow of products but also the flow of data and the flow of metadata.

Succeeding at c-commerce will require companies to do more than just include these core processes in their overall c-commerce blueprint; they will need to perfect each process before moving on to c-commerce implementation. It's a waste of time, effort, and money to even consider a holistic c-commerce philosophy if you're still struggling with each component of the commerce chain.

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dot Training and Education/ E-Learning

Training can be the most important piece to any organizations puzzle of priorities. Often training is left behind in lieu of other activities only to be brought up as a second thought at the end. Proper training of staff on new systems or processes can be critical in the success of any change. Our training staff can provide customized training solutions and delivery either locally, over the web, or at our training facility.

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dot Business Process Reengineering

Segundo's experienced professionals use best business practices to aid your organization in improving operational and back office efficiencies. Our expertise includes cross industry and cross sector knowledge to best help your organization become best in class. Performance Measurement GPRA Balance Scorecard

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dot Project Management

With today's focus on achieving more with fewer resources, applying consistent quality to the software engineering process is critical. Behind or over-budget development projects, never ending enhancements, and applications riddled with defects can ruin a company's reputation in today's value conscious climate.

At a minimum, the costs of inadequate quality processes include lost opportunities, excessive corrective procedures, reduced competitiveness, and reduced profits. These costs, taken together, can outweigh the expenses associated with an application's development and implementation, as well as all future enhancements.

Additional investment in prevention and appraisal measures frequently reduces the cost of failure and return significant savings to the organization. Segundo can help your organization strike the right balance between time, cost and quality.

Segundo's Software Quality Management approach starts with a view of the entire organization and addresses the need for repeatable, consistent, and thorough quality assurance processes, standards, and guidelines. Implemented through solid test planning and management, software testing becomes a key element in ensuring quality and the long-term success of an organization.

By involving the quality function from beginning to end, you can guard against costly and time-consuming mistakes and actually reduce your total costs while building quality into applications.

At Segundo, we believe that software quality is strategic for any business. The engineers in our Software Quality Practice are dedicated professionals who are committed to the success of your project. We can work with the resources you already have or build an entire team from scratch.

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dot Vendor Oversight Management

Information Technology projects frequently involve working with outside vendors. As a result, the success of today's projects often depends on the effective management of these vendors to ensure the services provided are appropriate, timely, cost-effective, and trouble-free.

It is not unusual to find situations where the Project Manager feels out of control with outside vendors, often because they have had minimal training in the ability to motivate, manage, direct, review, and assess the efforts of these vendors.

Segundo aids your organizations Project Management team by providing:

  1. Strategies for initiating, managing, and executing the vendor management process;
  2. Understanding the key elements of ongoing oversight management;
  3. Able to identify and develop reasonable feedback and assessment opportunities to ensure that appropriate progress is being made and results are being produced.

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dot Project Assessment

Segundo's project assessment provides recommendations and details on how to leverage your project's strong points, while addressing its weaknesses. Our project assessments help you avoid classic mistakes, apply fundamental development practices, manage risks, and identify the practices that will provide the most leverage on your specific project.

These assessments are based on a structured process that is focused based on your specific business challenges. Each assessment uses this basic outline:

Self-Assessment. Segundo provides you with a package of self-assessment materials used to collect and analyze information needed for the assessment.

Review. Segundo reviews work products you supply such as estimates, plans, designs, standards, source code, test cases, and other project artifacts. Segundo then analyzes common threads in this information to create a set of preliminary focus issues for use during on-site interviews.

Interviews. Segundo conducts on-site interviews with selected personnel.

Assessment Report. The Assessment and Recommendations report restates your improvement goals, provides observations on the current strengths and weaknesses of the project, and provides high-leverage recommendations that help you achieve your goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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dot Back Office Integration

Segundo helps you integrate your organizations view from the customer perspective with your back office systems and resources to provide a seamless interaction with your customers.

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dot Web Design/ Development

Segundo's web development services provide a cost-effective solution for companies that need quality web development delivered in Internet time. Segundo provides professional web development consulting services, including:

  • Web site development (HTML, E-commerce, Graphics, Flash, JavaScript, ASP.NET, SQL)
  • Custom programming (XML, C#, C++, C, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, SQL, COM+, ATL, PHP, PERL)
  • Standards compliance (XML, SOAP, UML, W3C, HTML, P3P, Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Development of custom graphics and multimedia using Photoshop, Flash & other programs

Integration of internet, intranet, extranet, portal, catalog, content management, CRM and Sales Force Automation solutions

Our asset-driven approach toward web development ensures that your web site, intranet, extranet or portal becomes a sustainable investment, rather than an unmanageable expense.

Segundo makes sure that your web site is optimally integrated with your organizations goals, systems and processes, further ensuring your success. Our goal is to provide top-quality solutions that deliver verifiable economic results that are easily adapted to meet the changing needs of your organization.

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dot System Security

Segundo exploits existing features of Oracle® and UNIX® based operating systems that include important features in the area of data security. In recognizing the data security challenges you face, we can help you plan for the highest levels of security against all forms of intrusion to your database.

Oracle® solutions are implemented by our certified DBA's who install and configure a data security solution to fit your needs. Our senior-level DBA's have implemented a wide range of data security solutions for our customers, including Oracle Virtual Private Database, Label Security, and database encryption.

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dot Global Application Integration (GAI)

If you are like most business leaders, you've probably spent millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours buying and deploying best-of-breed enterprise applications to run various aspects of your business. And probably spent nearly as much time developing and maintaining "home grown" applications to perform functions unique to your business. Unfortunately, these systems are inherently incompatible, and almost everything your business does involves more than one of them. The only way to unlock the full value of those systems is to integrate them so they can seamlessly interact with each other.

Global Application Integration (GAI) provides a common framework for integrating incompatible and distributed systems - making it faster and easier to tie together applications and Web Services so you can integrate them into business processes that span your organization. GAI reduces the complexity of your IT infrastructure and dramatically improves its reliability, flexibility and scalability - giving you the ability to focus on improving how your business runs instead of worrying about whether or not your infrastructure will be scalable or flexible enough to support new initiatives or capitalize on perpetual shifts in the market.

Segundo can help your organization implement a solution that lets your applications, databases and mainframes communicate and interact with each other by automatically routing and transforming information so it gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, and in the proper format. Segundo's integrated solutions lets you integrate your business using the best available approach for your specific situation - whether that is an industry-standard technology such as Java, XML, or Web Services.

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dot Data Warehousing/ Data Mining

Today's fast paced environment requires organizations have access to a wide range of information at their fingertips. Data warehousing and Data Mining allows your organization to review large volumes of data to analyze trends and make corrective decisions quickly and efficiently. Segundo can help your organization utilize a variety of tools to customize a data warehousing solution that will provide your organization with the most effective access and use of its information.

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dot Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) remains one of the best investments you can make for creating competitive advantage, driving revenue growth and increasing value.

While CRM tools and technologies are more powerful than ever, many programs still fall short. Segundo is committed to helping organizations close this gap by providing solutions and services that transform the quality, cost performance and economic return of your CRM capabilities and assets.

Segundo will help your organization:

  • Develop and deliver CRM strategies that create value.
  • Increase the economic value of their brand.
  • Improve customer response to marketing campaigns, increasing up-selling and cross-selling success.
  • Make your approach to customer interactions a competitive advantage.
  • Transform the quality and profit margins for customer service.
  • Predict and contain operating costs.
  • Adjust capacity to meet demand.

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dot Debt Collection Solutions

Segundo has developed a complete debt collections solution which can be implemented across any Federal agency. Segundo's solution provides a streamlined method of interfacing with the United States Department of Treasury for all aspects of debt collection and collections management. Segundo's processes enable both scheduled and real-time reporting of collection percentages and placements.

[Case Study: Transforming Debt Collections]

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dot Performance Measurement

How does it work?

Performance Measurement starts by establishing what the key mission areas are for the target organization. Using these mission areas as a guide, Segundo mines related data sets for quantifiable measures of performance in these areas. The resultant measures are refined through focus groups with key managers, employees, and customers. The measures are then weighted and tabulated into a single index with related subsets.

What can it do for you?

A Performance Measurement System gives stakeholders inside and outside the organization an accurate, transparent and understandable measure of the organization's performance. The system can also be used both as a motivational tool for all employees and as the basis for a decision making architecture for the organization's managers.

By tying together the many individual measures of an organization's strategic goals into a graphically-presented, easy-to-understand, Performance Measurement System, the many measures become one "score" to which employees and stakeholders outside the organization can relate. The score also becomes a motivational tool that demonstrates to each employee how his or her particular function ties into the goals and achievements of the entire organization. Human beings are by their very nature competitive, All too often that competitiveness can take the form of one part of an organization competing against another. With Performance Measurement in place, all parts of the organization must work together to raise the score for the whole organization.

Performance measures may also be generated monthly or quarterly to form a custom designed management tool which provides the senior leadership team with timely, accurate and useful data for the organization's decision making process. A Performance Measurement System is a useful method of the measures that are required to be reported by the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).

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dot Balance Scorecard

How does it work?

Teams from the organization are assembled to develop scorecards for use in measuring the performance of the organization. Balanced Scorecards as defined by Drs. Norton and Kaplan look at an organization from four perspectives: customer, financial, learning & growth and shareholder/stakeholder. The customer perspective represents how well the organization performs for its customers. The financial perspective represents how well the organization performs in the areas of innovation and learning. The goal of a Balanced Scorecard is an organization that performs well in all four areas.

What can it do for you?

The Balanced Scorecard approach is powerful for several reasons. For organizations that have never implemented, the approach forces them to put in writing what their goals and objectives are, and then to write what their strategies are for reaching those goals. These strategies are then translated into measurable outcomes that are tracked via the organization's Balanced Scorecard. These scorecards simultaneously communicate to shareholders, customers and employees to what the goals of the organization are, how the organization intends to meet those goals, and how well the organization is doing in meeting them.

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dot Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)

How does it work?

Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) requires agencies to develop strategic plans describing their overall goals and objectives and develop annual performance plans containing quantifiable measures of their progress. Strategic plans for each Federal agency were required in September 1997. Performance Plans for each Federal agency were required in February 1998. Performance reports for each Federal agency were required by March 2000. While agency strategic plans are required to be updated once every three years, performance plans and performance reports are due every year.

What can it do for you?

For Federal agencies, GPRA reporting is not voluntary; it is a mandatory requirement under law. Some agencies have met the law's requirements more successfully than other agencies, as graded by Congress and the General Accounting Office. In concert with its strategic partners, Segundo has the resources to assist any agency through the GPRA process either from start to finish or with individual components that need attention. Segundo and its strategic partners have extensive experience in all areas required by GPRA, including Strategic Planning, Performance Planning, and Performance Reporting to name a few. Segundo also offers independent validation and verification of agency performance data.

State and local government agencies may also want to consider using GPRA requirements as a template for their own performance management activities. GPRA lays out a good, general set of requirements that several states have used in the development of their own programs. Segundo can assist state and local entities in tailoring GPRA-type requirements for use in their own program.

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dot Technical Staff Augmentation

Segundo offers a wide range of technical resources to meet your organizations ongoing needs. Our staff can help you cover for peaks in your business or reduce operating costs by reducing your organizations carrying costs. Either way, Segundo has a complete staff of professionals ready to serve you. From Database Management services provided by our experienced Oracle Application Database Administrators to Help Desk personnel, Segundo offers you a highly skilled, and value added resource.

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dot Financial Staff Augmentation

Segundo can provide your organization with experienced accounting and financial experts to help augment your permanent staff. Our experts have varied degrees of experience, ranging from Certified Public Accountants (CPA's), financial managers and cash forecasting to staff accountants. Segundo personnel are ready to provide you with their wealth of knowledge to serve your organization and help it achieve its financial goals and objectives.

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